About PayPal Balance and How You Can Check It

As soon as you create an account on PayPal, you’ll start enjoying all the available benefits that the platform offers. It’s a user-friendly platform that enables sending and receiving money in a few clicks.

You can accomplish transactions on PayPal using a business or personal account. With a corporate account, you receive several additional perks that are not available when using a personal account. Still, regarding a plan for direct payment, the entire procedure is essentially the same.

As sending money through PayPal is free, it’s a widely used online payment system. Additionally, PayPal is free to use while making online purchases. Thus, you can have a balance on your PayPal depending on how frequently you sell goods or pay or transfer or receive funds from others. But, are you aware of where to look? What if the numbers don’t add up?

This guide gives you all the information you need to confirm your balance on PayPal. You’ll learn about how to use PayPal and check your PayPal balance when using your mobile or desktop devices.

Various Ways of Using PayPal

There are a variety of ways to receive or transfer funds using PayPal.

Instant transfers are the most typical. The recipient account is immediately credited with the amount you sent. The recipient might choose to move the funds to their own bank account directly or retain the same in their account for PayPal.

Another option for sending money is sending an eCheck. This option functions in a similar way as a check written on paper, only that things are carried out digitally. Making use of your PayPal account to perform any purchases with your credit card is an additional choice.

Using Mobile to Check Your PayPal Balance

Any sort of gadget can download the PayPal app. If you wish to get your balance, you need to launch the PayPal app from your device. In case you’re yet to download it, that should be your first step.

After downloading the app on your mobile, launch it, and input your login details. Your balance is going to appear on the left side of your main account page once you’ve logged in successfully using your email and password.

You’ll see your actual balance in the amount displayed. Your account balance is going to be $0 if you have no money in it. If your account has money, you’ll see it being displayed as what is currently available. If that’s how it will be, you’ll also see a negative balance. If a negative balance is displayed on your PayPal account or it’s momentarily suspended, you need to contact PayPal’s customer care for more details.

Using Desktop to Check Your PayPal Balance

In case your PayPal app functions well but isn’t always available, you might use your computer to keep track of all your company’s needs and spending. All you need is to open your favorite browser and navigate to the PayPal site.

To log in, you need to click the link for ‘Log In’ at the top corner. You’ll then input your email address and password. Your balance will reflect as soon as you’ve signed in. It will be displayed at the top left corner of the screen.


Having access to one’s PayPal balance helps to ensure there’s enough money in the account for completing any transactions. Your balance will be in what you chose as your preferred currency. It’s also crucial to understand that your balance excludes any recurring or outstanding payments.