Types of Invoice Templates That You Should Know Beforehand

Whether you are a small business owner or a large enterprise proprietor, it’s important to have an invoice template to follow. Invoice templates are created to maximize your tasks and ensure that every important information is accounted for properly. With the aid of an invoice generator app, you can seamlessly create invoices according to your needs.

There are several templates available, from simple outlines to intricate ones. Because of the wide variety offered online, finding the right template may be a challenge. To give you an overview, below are some of the most used types of invoice templates that you can take advantage of in your business.

  • Word and Google Docs

Some of the most popular types of templates are those from Microsoft Word, which is such an easy platform to generate all sorts of invoices, reports, and documents. This offers you a number of options to modify your template, including changing fonts or colors, incorporating images, and adding lines.

In case you don’t have Microsoft Word on your PC, don’t worry because you can also use the Google Docs template. This comes with pretty similar outlines and designs as Word to make the process of creating invoices more efficient. All you have to do is choose your preferred style and fill out the necessary details. After that, the invoice is now ready to be printed, sent, or shared at your own convenience.

  • Excel and Google Sheets

Another great option is Excel, which provides an automatic way to calculate the amounts in your invoice. Google Sheets, on the other hand, offer almost the same features as Excel. The formulas in Excel and Google Sheets are specifically designed to simplify your tasks while guaranteeing the accuracy of the totals. Because of these key elements, these two are mostly used by bigger enterprises and large corporations.

While using the Excel invoice template is very convenient, there may be a downside to it, especially on the side of your customers. If your client does not have Excel on their PC or phone, they could not easily see the invoice, which may lead to lapses in the amount due. Therefore, you have to consider this factor before using it.

  • PDF

PDF templates are also available to fulfill your invoicing needs. There are plenty of customizable PDF drafts that are easy to edit. Moreover, you may integrate your own business branding into your chosen template to create a uniform outline. Once done, you can simply print or email the completed invoice to your customer.

Just like Word, using PDF invoice templates is relatively easy. There are no complicated actions to make and the end product can be accessed by the customers conveniently. Likewise, it is much more presentable in terms of outline, making it highly recognized by businesses.


Every business deserves to have its own invoice template to keep track of its income smoothly and ensure that all sales are recorded. And, if you’re still undecided, don’t worry. The above-mentioned types of invoice templates can help you trim down the options. Choose the best template according to the needs of your business.