About Us

Zintego Makes Your Invoicing Much Easier Than Ever Before

We understand the difficulty of creating an equilibrium between providing the first-class customer service and managing all aspects of the business. That is why we came up with the idea to create a straightforward tool that will make it easier to organize the financial part of your business.

Our current goal is to make the process of invoicing as simple as possible so that you can focus on your business performance and customer engagement.


Our Underlying Values

imgCustomer Satisfaction

We are a client-oriented company. When a customer is satisfied, so are we. We believe that this approach is the most reliable one.

imgSimplicity and Efficiency

We try to create straightforward and convenient products that will enable you to work efficiently without wasting a lot of time.

Broad Horizons

We aren't satisfied with partial success. There is always space for improvement, so we continue to evolve every day.

Strong Cohesion

We are one team and we share common goals, values, and passion. This is how we do things and achieve results.

Our Goals

3 Core Things We Want to Achieve:

1. We want to design and maintain a practical, effective, and easy-to-use platform to support small business owners.

2. We want to create a service that will allow us to stay in touch with our clients 24/7.

3. We want to expand our possibilities in order to stay relevant and efficient.

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