Create Professional Construction Invoices with Zintego Construction Template

If you're a professional constructor, you'd agree that the type of invoice you use for your business doesn't fit the conventional invoice templates available online. That's why we recommend the Zintego construction invoice template. Designed to suit your work as a constructor, you can easily tailor this template to reflect your brand and streamline your invoicing process.

What Is a Construction Invoice?

A construction invoice is any document that describes the services that you render as a contractor to a paying customer. The document usually includes the details of work done and its associated cost with paying terms and other conditions. Construction invoices differ from traditional invoices in that they have various sections tailored particularly to the job role like labor costs. Construction invoices are used by contractors who provide construction services to clients like general contractors, subcontractors, construction companies, builders, and renovators.

Elements of a Construction Invoice

Construction invoices are separated into multiple components. At their base, they can be broken down into three parts such as material cost, labor cost, and other expenses. Generating a construction invoice manually means carefully estimating the labor cost, which is calculated by day or hour, and checking the cost and unit pricing of the tools and products without missing any other necessary detail from your work. With the Zintego construction invoice template, you can make these calculations automatically.

Using the Zintego Construction Invoice Template

Zintego is a feature-rich invoicing tool that rivals many top-rated options. To use the Zinego invoice template, you only need to download the PDF or Microsoft Word template from the website and fill it out. However, we recommend using the online tool available through secure mobile and web access. The online tool automatically calculates values by the hour or unit price, taxes, discounts, and the total amount due.

Besides being highly convenient and time-saving, Zintego also offers numerous construction invoice templates to choose from. Zintego has dedicated blank construction invoices, fence rebuilding invoice templates, contract labor invoice templates, and building maintenance invoice templates, among others. Plus, the invoice generator tracks your invoices and gives you a general overview of the financials of your business anywhere, anytime.

Types of Construction Invoices

Construction invoices differ per the construction task or projects you're billing. They can be a/an:

  • Proforma invoice issued to the client at the beginning of a project to show an estimate of the overall project cost.
  • Interim invoice that breaks down the total project cost into smaller, manageable parts.
  • Final invoice issued once the project is completed, requesting payment for the services rendered.
  • Recurring invoices sent to repeat clients who have ongoing or repetitive construction projects.

Invoicing Tips for Construction Business Owners

Good invoicing habits take a large burden off your shoulders while ensuring you get paid on time and improving relationships with your clients.

Here are a few tips to note:

1. Always detail your invoice to ensure they are consistent. Don't miss important information like the naming of services, paying terms, and other conditions.
2. Add a due date to your invoice when you issue an invoice to give your client a deadline and clarity on when invoices are overdue.
3. If you issue an invoice per milestone, always provide an update on your progress with each invoice.
4. Always follow up on an undue payment. It's important to let a client know that the payment date for your invoice is overdue. Still, communicate respectfully in the process.
5. Communicate with your customers regularly to be sure you're both on the same page before issuing an invoice. Effective communication reduces unexpected disagreements.

Get the Zintego Construction Invoice Template for Free

Construction is a tough job. However, you can free yourself of added stress using the available technologies. Invoicing tools can help you make the most of your time. Zintego has many free construction invoice templates to choose from. All you need to do is to pick the one that suits your brand and business needs.


1. How can a construction invoice template benefit my construction business?
The construction invoice templates provided by Zintego invoice maker include pre-built sections for project details, labor hours, material costs, and equipment rentals. These templates allow you to streamline your invoicing process ensuring a professional appearance and improving your cash flow.

2. Can I customize the construction invoice templates?
Yes, the Zintego invoice generator enables you to customize the construction invoice templates to suit your business needs. You can add your company's logo, other branding elements, as well as any relevant details to you or your service.

3. Are construction invoice templates suitable for all construction projects?
Yes, the construction invoice templates are versatile and usable for different construction projects, including residential, commercial, and industrial. The templates are easily customizable to specific project requirements. You can also use them for recurring projects or multiple clients.